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  • Prepare the base by marking the area to be covered and removing the topsoil. A depth of 4" is adequate for patios and sidewalks. Driveways require a minimum of 8-12" of compacted road gravel (22-A or crushed mine rock). Be sure to allow a slight grade for drainage. Compact the area.
  • Add the gravel to a depth within 3" below finished grade of pavers. Level and compact. Level and compact again! 100% compaction makes for a perfectly finished project.
  • Add sharp sand to a depth of 2" below final paver grade. Screed sand to a uniform surface. This grade will allow for settling of 3/8" during final compaction. Keep material smooth during installation!
  • Install pavers beginning with a straight edge or corner. A string line helps to keep the pavers straight when making a long section. When large, wide driveways are constructed, beginning at the center line and working toward each edge keeps the pavers better aligned. Attention should be given to keeping the pattern in alignment using a 2 x 4 and hammer to make necessary adjustments. Place all full pavers before edge cuts.
  • Provide an edge restraint of either concrete, Pave Edge, or treated lumber. When to install the edge varies from job to job. Your Paver-Lok distributor can assist you in making this decision. A video is also available.
  • Sprinkle sand over the entire surface and compact. Rental centers generally have compactors available. Sweep off excess sand.
  • A sealer may be applied after installation to enhance the color. Sealers give the surface a wet look.

Installing PAVER-LOK is easy and can become a family project. The hardest parts are choosing the paver style and color and surface preparation. Installation becomes a creation of your imagination.

PAVER-LOK is manufactured 2 3/8"
(60mm) thick.

All PAVER-LOK styles are available in the following colors: Red Blend, Brown, Natural Gray, Red Flash, Brown Flash, Gray Flash, and Brown Gray.

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Installation Diagram
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