Superior Block Co.

Superior Block began business in 1946 as a partnership. In 1951 Dan and Bernice Lorenzetti became the sole owners. The company had its roots in downtown Houghton's Carrol Foundry Building, which was on the lakeshore immediately north of what is now called "Franklin Square". In 1955 a new facility was constructed on the Isle Royale Sands. Dan and Bernice ran the business until 1977. Bernice assumed complete control upon her husband's death that year, and ran the business with her longtime foreman, Niilo Moilanen.

In 1978 Superior Block was incorporated and Dan and Joan Lorenzetti returned to the area. Dan assumed control as C.E.O. and Joan managed the office. Significant changes were made during the next few years. Another office, warehouse and production facility were constructed and running by the summer of 1980. More property was purchased and Superior Block now has a storage yard of considerable acreage. Between 1980 and 1990 the company made a significant transformation of the product line sold. Today Superior Block is a complete masonry supplier and is recognized nationwide for its production versatility.

For over 50 years the Lorenzetti family has been dedicated to the creed of "Quality, service, community involvement".

firetruck3 firetruck1
Michael and Dan Lorenzetti
The company uses their 1923 fire truck to promote the unique fire safety characteristics of concrete block.

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