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Split Fluted Block is growing in popularity all over the country. Architects in ever increasing numbers are specifying it in new construction as well as in the modification of existing structures.

Beauty, ruggedness, and versatility are just a few reasons why the demand for split fluted block has been so great.

These units are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors with an almost endless list of applications such as offices, factories, high rise buildings, and residential use.

Whether you are designing an office building or a warehouse why not incorporate Split Fluted Block to give it that extra touch.

These are some of the most popular concrete masonry units used in the building industry. A wide variety of fluted are available in various styles,sizes, and color.

Illustrated are only a few of the sizes and styles available

Fluting Illustration 2

Progressive architects now specify these units for an almost limitless variety of applications: Residential, high rise buildings, industrial, and institutional.

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All block dimensions shown are just samples, all sizes are not shown.

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