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Split Face

Split Block... the all-around building material. Split Block has, for many years, been a leading masonry material used in many applications. With the availability of a variety of sizes and colors it allows for a wide range of uses, whether it be the construction of a new home, office building, warehouse or the remodeling of a store front, split block can answer the need.

Not only is it a versatile building material but it is also virtually maintenance free and fire-resistant.

With split block creative possibilities abound for enhancing building of all types and sizes.

One of the oldest and most proven of all building materials, concrete masonry, is still used today in a multitude of applications. These range from sophisticated commercial construction to the most innovative residential design.

Split Face - Quality Concrete Masonry Split Fluted - Quality Concrete Masonry
Scored - Quality Concrete Masonry Castle Rock - Designer's Series Block
Spectra-Glaze Plus II - Factory Glazed
Concrete Masonry Units

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