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Castle Rock - A Designer Series Block

The richly textured face of Castle Rock exhibits a vivid variety of shapes when laid in simple running bond. When illuminated by natural or incandescent light, the shimmering shadows of Castle Rock produce countless new patterns and depths. This vibrant masonry unit results in walls with rugged beauty at the cost efficient price of Designer Series Block. Castle Rock units are well suited for exterior or interior walls. Castle Rock units are load-bearing, fire-resistant, noise-reducing and durable.
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Castle Rock Statistics

Product Information

Castle Rock is an architectural concrete masonry unit in which the 8" x 16" surface is subdivided into three unequal sections in the mold. Further these sections are split automatically on different planes which provides four different shapes in each pair of blocks.


Castle Rock units are laid in running (half) bond. Units are selected randomly so as not to create a defined pattern. The back side of the block is kept smooth and plumb. All mortar joints are tooled and/or compressed. Units may be laid upside down at random. Quarter, half, and three-quarter pieces work well with the random pattern.


Castle Rock is made with normal weight aggregates complying with ASTM C-33 or, where appropriate, lightweight aggregates complying with ASTM C-331.

Close up of the brick


Integral color is mixed with the cement and aggregates to match the color selection offered by the concrete block manufacturer of Castle Rock

Technical Data

Castle Rock is manufactured in nominal face dimensions 8" high x 16" long in standard thicknesses(4",8",12",etc.). Special shapes are provided for as required for corners,jambs,control joints, and lintels.

Castle Rock is also available in 1/2 hi-units. Contact us for specific sizes produced.


Castle Rock CMUs are manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM C-90 grade N.

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All block dimensions shown are just samples, all sizes are not shown.